Greedy Chicks

Hey there guys. here we are yet again with a brand new scene and James Deen too. As you can see, this one is a bit out of the ordinary as this time James doesn’t have just one babe around. There’s a trio of horny hotties that decided to have the stud all to themselves for the afternoon and well, the guy does like a challenge. So with that, today you get to see him try his best to play with all of them equally and make sure that they are all satisfied. Now that may seem like a hard task, but this is James Deen we’re talking about so be sure that he has this whole thing covered. Let’s just take the time to see what went down today!


The trio of horny hotties makes sure to put on a superbly hot and sexy strip show for the guy as they undress. And after that you get to see them making his clothes fly all over the place too as they need him all naked. Then they get to sit on their knees as they got all that cock for themselves and you get to watch the sexy babes giving him a juicy triple blowjob with the aid of each and every one of their sets of lips. Have fun with this glorious gallery and we’ll be seeing you all soon with another new scene. Until then, take your time to see the three babes fucking James nice and hard all afternoon long today. Bye bye for now everyone!

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